Elkwood, Culpeper Showroom Renovation


It is certainly about time.
Four and a half years ago, when we moved our shop to the Elkwood location from Woodbridge, we had big plans for the showroom. We were going to do this and that, take out these walls, and replace that thing…………………..all we did in the end was paint the walls…..

Oh, you say, we’ll get to that after the lemonade social. Oh, we can do it when we slow down after the holiday rush. Time marches on, and on and on. Four years later, Todd, our marketing guru, was the one who jump started the thing again and got the new Elkwood Showroom on the map. A little persuasion, a little guilt, a little terror seem to be the things needed to motivate some otherwise very busy group of craftsmen. There is nothing like getting an initial agreement, and then promoting and committing the project out to the public. Well done, Todd.

IMG_0995 (1).JPG

Showroom Before Renovation

I did the layout and made up the plan, but most of the work was done by others. We hired drywall guys, but aside from that, we did the work internally. Mel scraped the glue off the floor for three days, Curt sanded the concrete, Chubb painted, Scott made trim. Everyone had a hand in it. One day I had stopped in on my day off for something, and Tina (the manager there) was in old tennis shoes with her pants rolled up looking like she was clam digging, using an old fashion mop, slopping and swabbing a stain all over the concrete floor. She was covered in a dark brown muddy looking goop. She looked exhausted. Two days of that sort of work for her. I wish I had taken a photo.

FullSizeRender (1) (2).jpg

Work in Progress


After We Refinished The Floor

By Friday, the day before our event, things were not coming together very well. I found myself where I always seem to be – at the tail end, piecing together a tough puzzle. Alone with a few Coronas and some very loud music, I was on a roll, accessorizing the vignettes, setting the track lighting, hanging pictures, and fluffing the space through the night. This is what I do, what I have done repeatedly since working for Conrans and The Door Store back in the early to mid 1980’s.

The point here is that we all get behind on our projects, even the really important ones. It is very easy to start a project, but very hard to finish one. The space is wonderful. It is filled with some nice pieces, and we have other pieces on the way soon. By taking walls out, we made the store about 2 ½ times larger. It is now about 1900 square feet. Pop in for a tour and a peek at the showroom.

-Mark Gatterdam, Designer and Sales Coordinator

Some After Photos


IMG_1275 (1).JPG







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